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The ITIE - Institute of Building Industrialization Technologies is a private, non-economic, science and technology institution (ICT) of public utility and that promotes through its actions the increase in productivity and efficiency in the productive processes in civil construction .

Founded in the city of Jundiaí / SP in 2013 by engineering and architecture professionals, committed to the technological transformation of this sector, it has been expanding in all regions of Brazil, through its work and the support of important companies with an innovative vision and national and international performance. International.

Innovating in professional education as the main tool for transforming society, promoting technological cooperation and the integration of the production chain.

It invests in programs, research and product development to solve the main technological problems in the building production sector.

The technological programs developed by ITIE are of immediate application, generating the continuous and accelerated improvement of all involved!

All companies and professionals can start this transformation with us. New communication technologies make this collaboration network possible.

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It is the transformation of the segment

We are aware of the difficulties that artisanal construction causes in the production of buildings, whether a civil construction professional or a lay person, all who are involved with traditional civil construction, find that the construction sites do not offer all the technological conditions to guarantee a good quality standard, reduce the waste of materials, the time of execution of the services, mitigate the risks caused by bad weather, achieve the theoretical productivity indicated by the planning and budget studies and still offer all the conditions of work safety.

The ITIE aims to promote technologies and industrialized methods of building production, through courses, events, network, workshops, product development, research, projects and laboratory tests

Seeking high performance in the production of buildings, always focusing on professional education and the defense and construction of new rights.



What we do to transform the segment and improve the productive quality of the companies and professionals involved.

Workshops School

An integrated network of productive environments , with the purpose of stimulating the industrialization of Brazilian civil construction production in a collaborative way.

The companies and professionals that make up this network promote innovation throughout the national territory, democratizing technologies and generating professional training opportunities for workers, technicians, technologists, engineers and architects.

Today we have the first school workshop in operation in the municipality of Várzea Paulista / SP where we produce housing modules and prefabricated structures in wood and light steel framing and we continue to expand in the municipalities of Cruzeiro / SP, Itu / SP and Caxias do Sul / RS.

Through the joint development of technological and market solutions, school workshops transform the communities where they are implemented.


An educational program designed by ITIE with the aim of producing and multiplying the offer of professional certification and postgraduate courses in partnership with the Candido Mendes University.

Through online and live classes we provide quality education for the entire national territory, on topics not covered in traditional training.

The select faculty organized by ITIE develops and teaches content through the series Knowing, Understanding and Applying, ensuring that students are trained in various technologies and processes employed by the market. Students have access to the best software and are evaluated through the projects they develop throughout the educational program.

Several professional associations have adopted IMC2 as a tool to improve their members, becoming educational workshops for the program.


RCD Reverse Logistics

The vast majority of Construction and Demolition Wastes (RCD) originate from inefficient production processes in traditional construction sites and need to return to the market in order not to compromise landfills due to their high volume and characteristics.

These residues are usually called debris and need to be sorted and processed in order not to become a serious environmental problem.

From this process, recycled aggregates emerge, which are heterogeneous mineral materials and represent a very bulky portion of materials generated in recycling plants and ATTs and are normally used as a sub-base in the construction of roads and concretes with no structural function.

EITI, concerned with mitigating this serious environmental and economic problem, which burdens public finances, created, in partnership with the company SBR Soluções em Beneficecimento de Residues e Comércio, a reverse logistics and product development program, to expand the use of aggregates recycled, generating technical solutions for the use of this solid waste in products of greater added value and urbanism.


Work Valley Network Innovation Ecosystem

ITIE and the BTH Solutions company idealized and created a new concept of innovation ecosystem, through an innovative remote network of collaborative, decentralized and distributed work.

A digital platform connects professionals, companies, investors and researchers from various locations to promote remote professional assistance.

Monitoring processes and environments, promoting open innovation and generating business opportunities. The transactions carried out can be monetized with WVT cryptography and users can also access the various Work Spaces by exchanging WVTs according to their demands for using workspaces and meetings for as long as they wish.

An innovative, agile, economical and efficient way to integrate the best professionals into your project team and achieve great results and promote a real upgrade in your activities.


The Housing Program is an unprecedented and innovative proposal to face the problems related to the housing deficit and the eradication of sub-housing, in addition to stimulating the production of buildings with higher productivity and quality.

To occupy urban pockets with the implementation of micro urbanizations, provided with leisure equipment and integrated commercial areas.

Prioritizing the participation of entrepreneurs in the civil construction sector established in the municipalities, who should preferably employ local workers



BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a technology for modeling information for the entire life cycle of buildings. With it it is possible to digitally create the virtual models of the components that support the elaboration of the projects, planning, budget, production, assembly, construction and maintenance of the buildings.

The Center of Excellence is a collaborative virtual environment dedicated to the modeling of components for the production chain of off-site construction solutions. The members of this program can manipulate digital models, as this initiative is open source. ITIE invites professionals and those interested in technology to know the solutions under development and contribute to their improvement and application.


Want to join? Send an email to opensource@itie.org.br

ITIE Supporters



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General Director Antonio Gilberto de Freitas Filho

Civil engineer

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Board Chairman Rosalvo Holtz

Civil engineer

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Academic Director Dr. Alaor Leandro Rosa

Civil engineer

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Director of the School Workshop Luiz Antonio Pellegrini Bandini

Civil engineer

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Technology director Ivan Pontelli

Civil engineer - Off Site Facilities

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Technology director Guilherme Ferreira

Civil engineer - Structures off site

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Technology director Adriano Sales

Architect - BIM Solutions

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Technology director Mirian Cottafava


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Pedagogical director Maria Teresa Fernandes


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Chief Technology Officer Bruna Canela


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Director of the School Workshop Lurdes Dorta




The launch will take place at EXPO CONTAINER CITY, the largest offsite modular construction exhibition in Brazil, which will take place on September 16, 17, 18 and 19.

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