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The ITIE - Institute of Technologies of Industrialization of Buildings is a private science, technology and innovation (ICT) institution, which operates in areas of public interest, such as professional education, housing solutions of social interest and public facilities, in the creation of business programs aimed at solving the main technological problems of the productive sector of buildings.

Founded in the municipality of Jundiaí / SP in 2013 by engineering and architecture professionals, committed to the technological transformation of this sector, it has been expanding through important partnerships with companies with innovative vision and national and international performance.

The studies, researches and projects developed by EITI are of immediate application, generating the gradual, continuous and accelerated improvement of those involved!

All companies and professionals can begin this transformation with us. The new communication technologies enable this network of collaboration.

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It is the transformation of the segment

We are aware of the difficulties that the construction of craftsmanship causes in the production of buildings, whether a construction professional or a lay person, all of whom are involved in traditional civil construction, find that construction sites do not offer all the technological conditions to guarantee a good quality standard, reduce material waste, service execution time, mitigate the risks caused by bad weather, achieve the theoretical productivity indicated by the planning studies and budgets and also offer all the conditions of job security.

The objective of the EITI is the non-profitability of industrialized technologies and methods of building production, carrying out research, studies, projects and laboratory tests.

Seeking the high performance in the production of buildings, always focusing on vocational education and the defense and construction of new rights.



What we do to help transform the segment and improve the productive quality of professionals involved.

School Office

Initially designed to be implemented in the future Technological Park of Jundiaí (TECNOVALE) with the aim of associating the professional training of engineers, architects and technicians with the industrialized production of modular buildings and ensuring the permanent modernization of the technological park.     

    Today we have the first school workshop in operation in the municipality of Várzea Paulista / SP where we produce housing modules and prefabricated structures in light steel frame and wood frame.     

    Expanding and developing technologies for off-site production is the great challenge that EITI has taken on society.     

    Companies and professionals can bring their projects to be produced in the School Workshop and also contribute to the professional training of the community.


An educational program designed by EITI to produce and multiply the offer of extension and postgraduate courses in partnership with Instituto Monte Pascoal.     

    The select faculty organized by ITIE develops and ministers the contents through the Knowing, Understanding and Applying series so that students are trained in various innovative technologies and processes employed by the market.     

    Several professional associations adopt IMC2 as a tool to improve their associates, becoming educational workshops of the program.


RCD Reverse Logistics

Construction and demolition waste (debris) needs to be sorted and benefited to return to the market.     

    Recycled aggregates, which are heterogeneous mineral materials and represent a very voluminous portion of materials generated in recycling plants, are typically used as a sub-base in road construction.     

    In partnership with SBR Soluções em Beneficiacao de Residuos e Comércio, ITIE created a reverse logistics program to expand the use of recycled aggregates, generating a technical solution for the use of this solid waste.     

    The SBR Artifacts Division currently produces Fence Blocks, Pavers and Guides in partnership with Vimpla Blocos.


Work Valley Network Innovation Ecosystem

BTH Blockchain Solutions and EITI have created a new ecosystem concept of innovation through a decentralized and distributed innovation network.     

    The digital platform connects researchers, companies and investors from many continents to promote open innovation and generate business, transactions can be monetized with the WVT cryptoactive, and users can access the various Work Spaces by exchanging WVTs according to their demands for workspaces and for as long as they wish.


An innovative and innovative proposal to address the problems of housing deficit and eradication of sub-housing.
    To occupy urban pockets with the implantation of micro urbanizations and public support equipment.



BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an information modeling technology for the entire building lifecycle. With it, it is possible to digitally create the virtual models of the components that support the elaboration of the projects, planning, budgeting, production, assembly, construction and maintenance of the building.     

    This concept has spread rapidly due to the Federal Decree - BIM BRASIL, but the EITI establishes with its Center of Excellence a look beyond the projects, concerned with the issues related to the production of components and productivity in construction sites. Manufacturers and Builders can through this initiative work one of the great and more complicated bottlenecks of the sector the PRODUCTIVITY.

ITIE Partners



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General Director Antonio Gilberto de Freitas Filho

Civil engineer

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Board Chairman Luiz Antonio Pellegrini Bandini

Civil engineer

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Academic Director Dr. Alaor Leandro Rosa

Civil engineer

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Director of the School Workshop Rosalvo Holtz

Civil engineer

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Technology director Ivan Pontelli

Civil engineer - Off Site Facilities

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Technology director Guilherme Ferreira

Civil engineer - Structures off site

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Technology director Adriano Sales

Architect - BIM Solutions

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Technology director Mirian Cottafava


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